We are a non-governmental organization dedicated to making a difference in the lives of mothers and children. We emerged with the goal of providing comprehensive assistance and support, ensuring that more families have access to resources and opportunities that promote their well-being.


Our mission is to promote equal opportunities, provide assistance in health, education, and development, and empower mothers and children to reach their full potential. We believe that investing in the future of these families is investing in the future of our society as a whole.


Our approach is based on the understanding that each mother and child faces unique challenges. Therefore, we tailor our programs and services to meet their specific needs. We work closely with dedicated professionals, engaged volunteers, and community partners to provide holistic and sustainable support.


By offering access to quality healthcare, educational programs, emotional support, professional training, and employment opportunities, we aim to empower mothers and provide children with a solid foundation for a bright future. We believe in the importance of strengthening family bonds and promoting a safe and nurturing environment for the healthy growth of children.


As a dedicated and passionate organization, we are committed to creating a lasting of positive impact. Join us on this journey to help more mothers and children, providing them with the tools and resources they need to build better and more promising lives.






Our mission is to enhance the health, education, and overall well-being of children and single mothers in underserved communities throughout Africa.


We strive to provide safe spaces and essential resources that empower single mothers and children to lead healthy, fulfilling lives.


Advocating for the rights of single mothers and children is a core objective, along with raising awareness about the challenges they face.


Fostering a strong sense of community and social support, we aim to create an environment where single mothers and children can thrive.


Our organization is dedicated to establishing temporary shelters for distressed children and women, including those affected by domestic violence. Through counseling, therapy, and education, we help them regain a sense of purpose and a better life within society.


Collaboration with other organizations and stakeholders is crucial to improving the lives of single mothers and children in the communities we serve.


We are committed to educating the public about the rights of women and children, and promoting measures to ensure equality, development, and peace.


Ensuring access to healthcare, nutrition, and basic necessities such as food, clothing, sanitation, and education is a priority to support the health and well-being of single mothers and vulnerable children.


We provide educational opportunities that empower women and children, equipping them with the skills, knowledge, and confidence needed for personal growth.


Creating safe spaces where single mothers and children can access resources, support, and information without fear of discrimination or harm is a fundamental goal.


We raise awareness about critical issues such as gender inequality, child marriage, and domestic violence, working towards comprehensive solutions.


Our organization offers counseling, legal aid, and other support services to help single mothers and children overcome the challenges they face.


We actively collaborate with local organizations, governments, and stakeholders to improve policies and systems that impact the lives of single mothers and children.


Engaging in research and advocacy, we promote evidence-based solutions to the problems faced by single mothers and children.


Our ultimate objective is to eliminate discrimination against single mothers and promote social inclusion through community mobilization, education, and awareness-raising campaigns.


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